Squeezed Fruit Juice

DİMES Moments Squeezed Orange

Breakfast is one of the most important meals during the day and plays a big role on balanced nutrition. Especially, long breakfast on Sundays, when all family members come together, is very special for all of us. This is why, we developed 100% squeezed fruit juice which is made of local oranges squeezed seasonably and which is prepared without applying concentration process in order to make your breakfast on Sundays more enjoyable and tasty. As the first brand in Turkey that introduced squeezed fruit juice category which does not contain any preservatives and, which has long shelf life; we believe in the miracle of fruits and try to manufacture our products that are closest to natural taste of fruits. We carefully pick the fruits that give DİMES Moments special taste from tree branches at the harvest time, squeeze them within 24 hours and carefully fill them in glass bottles. Squeezed orange juice that is derived from delicious local oranges in Turkey was started to be sold in DİMES Moments bottles. Do not forget to taste it on next Sunday at breakfast! Enjoy Life to the Fullest!

DİMES Moments Squeezed Orange
Nutritional Values 100 ml
Energy (kJ/Kcal) 207/50
Fat (g) 0,2
Saturates (g) 0,05
Carbohydrate (g) 10,9
Sugar (g) 10,9
Protein (g) 0,6
Fibre (g) 1
Salt 0
250 ml 700 ml
DİMES Moments Squeezed Orange DİMES Moments Squeezed Orange DİMES Moments Squeezed Orange