DİMES is a Turkish company that has been offering high-quality products in the beverage sector since 1963 to its consumers in Türkiye and in more than 100 export countries since 2000. 


DİMES has a vision of developing sustainable value models and leading global brands with our innovative agricultural-based products and forward-thinking business culture, all driven by our love and respect for nature and humanity. By choosing the best ones in the value chain we have established from soil to people, we protect the miracle of nature and pursue sustainable ideals based on DİMES’s main value "Respect for Nature and Human". Being sincere, positive and determined, innovative and pioneer, always well-selecting the good ones and building trust-based relationships are our precious company values. Quality is the foundation of DİMES's success, which is demonstrated by The Founder M. Vasfi Diren’s philosophy "We do not produce fruit juice that we wouldn’t let our children drink, we do not process the fruit that we wouldn’t put on our table."


DİMES, the first fruit juice brand of Türkiye, was established to contribute to the development of the agriculture-based industry in Türkiye and to provide healthy and sustainable food to the people by bringing the distinct delights in any season. 


Today, Dimes is the largest fruit juice manifacturer in Türkiye with 3 factories and products consumed in over 100 countries with great indulgence. 


DİMES cultivates 250.000 fruit seedlings each year, and picks only the best fruit to provide the highest quality products. Production track of 225.000 m2 holds the capacity to manufacture 300.000 tonnes of fruit juice, 100.000 tonnes of UHT milk and milk products and 100.000 tons of fruit processing. DİMES factories have ISO 9001 Quality, FSSC 22000, ISO 14001 Environment, ISO 45001, ISO 50001 Energy Management System, BRC Management System Certificates, Halal Certificates and also FDA approved. 


DİMES who has the brand image of being expert, is the most trusted brand by mothers, a quality brand, and by far the leader in the kid’s drink category. With the vision of a beverage company, DİMES is an innovative brand that has created the 100% fruit-containing, with no added sugar smoothie category, the squeezed fruit juice category, and the milkshake category containing 90% milk for the first time in Türkiye. DİMES has the market leadership by a landslide from its closest competitor in these nutritious and enjoyable products. 


DİMES has the highest production capacity in iced coffee production in Türkiye; and in Europe, it comes in the 3rd place. It has gained a strong position with OBSESSO Iced Coffee brand in Türkiye in 2 years by being in the 2nd place. 


Today, DİMES is bringing the joy and indulgence to your tables via its high-quality nutritious products with the same ideology since 1963. 


We do not produce fruit juice that we wouldn’t let our children drink, we do not process the fruit that we wouldn’t put on our table. 


Mustafa Vasfi Diren 

The Founder