Our Vision

We bring DIMES, Turkey’s leading delightfully nutritious brand, to a global scale, with an uncompromising respect for the nature and the humanity.

Our Mission

Throughout the value chain we have established between humanity and the earth, we preserve the nature’s miracle with best choices, while pursuing sustainable ideals.

Our Values

With our core value of uncompromising respect for the nature and the humanity; we are,

  1. 1.sincere,

  2. 2.positively determined,

  3. 3.pioneering innovators,

  4. 4.attentive for best choices, and

  5. 5.dedicated for relations based on trust.

Our Story

When our founder Mustafa Vasfi Diren was graduated from the Agricultural School, he said: “We have finished our classes today. If we can hopefully pass the exams, we will start our business life as a beneficial worker for our nation” and that is how our story started.

Our founder, who was a patriotic agriculturalist, was aware of the importance of nutrition to increase number of healthy generations in the tough and poor years of the 1950s, also knew that our fertile soils would increase in value with value-added products and Turkey would develop by improving its agriculture-based industry.

Even if there were plenty of various fruits in the country, edible and delicious fruits could not be utilized sufficiently and all efforts of farmers were wasted.

M. Vasfi Diren’s world of thought was shaped by the nature and human. Then, he founded DIMES in his garden in Tokat, heart of Anatolia in the 1950s.

Our founder has never deviated from his principle which is to produce the best products for the people for all times. In 1963, he said: “We do not process fruit which we would not put on our table, and we do not produce fruit juice which we would not allow our children to drink” and he had shed light on humanity.

As the first fruit juice brand which was established with domestic capital in Turkey, we are sure about the quality of DIMES’ products for several generations because we manage all processes from seeds to the moment, when DIMES products reach your house, based on our deep-rooted quality values. We make all choices with sense of responsibility, including selection of suitable fruits for DIMES, transportation of that fruits to our factories by our own trucks within a period of 24 hours, and get inspired by using traditional storage methods in production. We do not use any preservatives in our products, because we have witnessed this miracle of fruits for many years and aware of the importance of a little choice and how it can make a big difference.

Today, we keep working tirelessly thanks to our passion for the plain form of fruit, pride and responsibility for being the biggest fruit juice producer and being the most consumed fruit juice brand in households in Turkey*, and we export our products to over 100 different countries.

We always care about people and nature; know that we create a sustainable value chain with our farmers, business partners, and consumers. Moreover, we continue to make investments for the next generations.


*Ipsos 2013-2014-2015 nectar and 100% fruit juice in households