Is there really no additional sugar in DİMES 100% fruit juices?

We do not use any additional sugar in our products which are supplied with the statement ‘‘100% Fruit Juice’’ and which have 100% fruit juice ratio in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex. These products contain only fruits’ own sugar. It is impossible to obtain fruit juice by squeezing and using 100% of the mashed products due to intense consistency of fruits such as peach, apricot and grape juice is used to sweeten it.

When do you pick and take fruits to your factories?

Each fruit is picked from gardens in its own harvest season and transported to our factories by our own trucks within 24 hours after picking them from tree branches. They go through preliminary processes such as washing/ sorting in our factories. Crushed or rotten fruits are removed at the time of sorting, and matured, edible fruits are squeezed by different squeezer according to their types. During all this process, all DİMES products are carefully controlled by vertical integration system from tree branches to shelves.

How do you ensure that DİMES nectar products do not contain any additives?

Of course, we do not add any additives to natural DİMES' tastes reaching your house for many generations. Lemon juice, a natural acidity regulator, is used in DİMES fruit nectars instead of citric acid to regulate the acidity of fruit.

What is the difference between squeezed fruit juice and the other products?

Squeezed fruit juice contains fruits which are squeezed seasonally. Concentration process is not applied. It does not contain any additional water, sugar, preservative or additives. Fruits are only squeezed and then, bottled. The squeezing series which contains 100% fruits is the highest segment and the replacement product closest to fruit within fruit juice category. Squeezing category of DİMES is provided under DİMES Moments brand. DİMES Moments offers 3 different tastes such as only squeezed orange juice obtained from delicious local oranges in Turkey, only squeezed pomegranate juice which has real pomegranate taste and squeezed with its seeds, and Turkey’s first and only squeezed apple juice which has intense consistency, as if it was grated at home and which is a source of fiber.

How do you preserve shelf life of your products?

There are some microorganisms which cause not only all of natural products but also fruit juice to decay in the nature. However, it is possible to preserve the freshness and nutritional of our products by using a heat & cool process, which is a traditional storage method have been used at houses for centuries. Scientific name of this traditional method is pasteurization. Our fruit juices are filled by the state-of-the-art closed systems in sterile conditions and without human touch. This enables us to preserve fruit with its vitamin during the shelf life of our products without any preservatives and additives.

Is DİMES Light fruit nectar the first and only product of its kind in Turkey? What does Dimes make special?

This product is the first and only light fruit nectar produced in this category under "DİMES Light" sub-brand in Turkey. It is sweetened with ‘‘Sucralose’’ sweetener under Splenda trademark instead of “sugar”. This sweetener is a product derived from sugar. Its calorie is 50% less than other similar fruit nectars which are produced without using any sweeteners too.

Is it true that DİMES produces fruit juice by only processing high-quality, edible fruits?

DİMES is the first branded fruit juice, which was established in Tokat in 1963 by Mustafa Vasfi Diren, with national capital and without any foreign partner. In accordance with its quality concept which is based on the principle of its founder i.e. “We do not process fruit which we would not put on our table, and we do not produce fruit juice which we would not allow our children to drink”; the company has been trying to ensure consumption of delicious fruits in the country at every each season since 1963.

Do you have any kind of products which are source of fiber?

Of course. You can consume our high-consistency apple juice in carton pack of DİMES Premium 100% Grated Apple and glass bottle of DİMES Moments Squeezed Apple, which are both sources of fiber. DİMES prepares beautiful apples are picked seasonably without any filter in the same way as you squeeze them at home. In this way, its intense consistency and fiber texture derived from grated apple are preserved. It is the first and only 100% apple juice in Turkey which has intense consistency and which is a source of fiber. It contains 3, 8 g fiber per 100 kcal.

Do you have any kind of products which are source of Vitamin C?

Of course. Our DİMES Xpress C product is a source of Vitamin C. In fact, 1 portion (250 ml) is sufficient to meet your entire daily need for Vitamin C. DİMES Xpress C consists of the delicious harmony of citrus fruits which are rich in Vitamin C. It contains orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, pomegranate, and apple.

Do you have any products which contain cereals?

Of course. DİMES 7/ 24, is the first fruit juice in Turkey that contains cereals, consists of the taste and benefit of 7 tropical fruits and nutritional values of cereals. It contains quince, banana, mango, guava, pineapple, pomegranate, orange and also nutritious cereals. It is a practical and delicious product which contributes to the feeling of fullness during the day thanks to the cereals in it.