The Art of Packing a Suitcase without bursting it

The Art of Packing a Suitcase without bursting it

We wish that preparing a suitcase was as enjoyable as going on a holiday. Particularly those who go on a long-distance travel or those who will face a big change of climate know it very well that packing a suitcase is not a very easy activity! What if the items do not fit in or suitcase is all mixed up or there are some tearful clothes behind that do not fit into the suitcase?


So, how should we prepare our suitcase? How should we use the space in the best way? Where and in which order should we place the items? How can we make packing a suitcase an enjoyable and efficient activity? We have already considered all these and prepared answers for you. Now, it is time to stop thinking deeply how to pack your suitcase and sit back and read all this critical information!  


First, let’s start by placing thin, hard-to-wrinkle items on the bottom. Place your easy-to-wrinkle clothes on top so that you don’t have to look for iron during the holiday! For example, you can place your jeans on the bottom and place silk blouses on top. You should try it! In this way, you can protect your clothes and find a practical solution against wrinkle problem. Although it is impossible to completely solve wrinkle problem of clothes; if you wish, you can get a travel-type mini iron.


If you have too many items, vacuuming is also an option to use. You can vacuum your clothes and place them in your suitcase in the form of packs! However, we should also add this: do not forget to take a winkle-releaser spray with you. We would like to remind you that, although vacuuming saves space, it can cause clothes to wrinkle ‘‘a little bit’’.


If you do not want to spend time with vacuuming, we have a very simple and practical solution for you. Wrap your clothes! Yes, wrap them. Place your clothes in suitcase by curling them up. In this way, you can save space and prevent wrinkles. Also, your suitcase will be neater. You can easily find and take out everything you look for. Your suitcase will be very happy if you finally place your socks in your shoes!


Let’s say you are going on a business trip and you need to take shirts with you. So, how will you make sure that your shirt does not wrinkle and particularly collar of your shirt stays straight? Let’s explain: spin your belt around its own buckle to form a circle and place it on the collar of your shirt. So simple! You will be happy with the result, non-wrinkled shirt collars :) 

Although preparing a suitcase seems to be a difficult and stressful job, you will feel more comfortable thanks to the tips. Prepare and try what we have explained to you in your next holiday and see how you will feel comfortable. You would not have to sit on your suitcase and have to face a last-minute crisis with broken zips.

It is time to run away from here with your suitcase! We wish you have an enjoyable holiday!