How Can We Run Away from Istanbul by Staying In the City?

How Can We Run Away from Istanbul by Staying In the City?

Although the poet said what he likes most about Ankara is to return from Ankara to Istanbul; the time has changed significantly because we now mostly like ‘escaping’ from Istanbul. As the population dramatically increases and we are surrounded by environmental pollution, we feel like Istanbul is pushing us, right? But we should accept that it is very hard for us to get away from this world beauty. This is exactly why we seek for interesting places to ‘‘get away from the tiredness of the city by staying in the city’’. We would like to share the places that we found, and then you can also share with us later. Do not forget to share with your friends the list of peaceful places where we found for you and where you can get away from the tiredness of the city by staying in the city.



Which one of them should we start? Büyükada, the biggest island among the Prince Islands that captivates us with its Mansions? Heybeliada where there are lots of coach horses or Burgazada and Kınalıada where you can enjoy tranquility? The Islands have become one of the most frequently visited places by tourists in recent years. You can go to these wonders of nature and history that will take you away from the city, by motor boats or ferries from Bostancı, Kadıköy, Eminönü and many other points in Istanbul. You will feel quite relaxed! If it is impossible for you to run away from Istanbul but you need to rest for a while, we recommend that you explore these Islands. You won’t regret!

(At least, there is no traffic jam, what else could be better :)



This historical neighborhood is located just ahead of Eminönü and has significantly developed in recent years. Instead of old and tired buildings in the past, now there are colorful, renovated wooden buildings, cute cafés and quite active streets. If you wish to explore this hidden historical neighborhood in Istanbul, we recommend that you visit it right now in these quite suitable weather conditions! Because you are not the only person to hear this, Balat is now one of the top places to visit according to list of tourists.



You can step into a completely different world by walking only ten minutes from Bağdat Avenue that is home to luxury stores and full of lots of different types of people. There, you will see young people lying on the grass, playing guitar, dancing, children who are running, couples who are reading book or newspaper on portable chair and table and a lot more. Caddebostan Seaside is the popular place for people living in the Anatolian Side of the city particularly during summer months. What else could be better to sit and rest in this cool place at humid summer nights?



If you can drive away from Istanbul for 1 hour (in fact, it takes at least one hour to pass from one side of the city to the other side), we strongly recommend you Pınarlı Village. This cute and unexplored village is located near Şile and has a unique bay and all tones of the blue and green. Go to Sardala Bay in Pınarlı Village, take a walk in the ice-cold water next to the rocks and count the tones of the blue; then, let’s talk again.



Yalıköy is an old Greek fishing village and is approximately one hour away from Istanbul. It is perfect for those who want to retreat themselves from modern life. By the way, chlorine level of water in Yalıköy is zero. Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong, it is 0. Therefore, when you come to this village, do not forget to take some water with you! You will need plenty of water in the city.



Do you know that there is a unique wonder of nature at the highest point in Istanbul? Aydos Hill dates back to the Roman and Byzantium era and is a unique place located in Sultanbeyli District. You can watch sunset or if you like running, you can sweat off on the running track at Aydos.


Although Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it sometimes tires people. If you want to relax and get away from the noise by staying in the city and not going too far from the city, then we recommend that you pay attention to our suggestions. Everybody deserves to relax! Lots of relaxing places including villages and seaside are waiting for you. Who knows, maybe we can come across with each other at one of those places…