Close To Istanbul, Away From Istanbul

Close To Istanbul, Away From Istanbul

If you can’t endure the mess and noise in Istanbul but want to stay close to the beauties of Istanbul, then you are one of those people who can’t give up on Istanbul. As the old saying goes ‘There is no rose without a thorn’. You complain about traffic jam every morning but you are captivated by the Bosporus view when you pass to the other side of the city by sea in the evening, right? If you sometimes want to leave and get away from Istanbul “not too much only for a couple of days’’, then you don’t need to ask where anymore. We also know that you do not want to spend your hours for travelling and you say ‘‘I don’t want to travel a long way but it should be worth going there’’. Whether you plan a weekend holiday or just one day to rest and relax on a weekday; one of the following places will allure you. 


We did not know about Ağva until a few years ago. It is just 100 km away from Istanbul. We can call it the hidden beauty of Marmara that ‘‘brings the blue and green together’’ stereotypically. It is an ideal holiday destination for those who can’t give up sea, but love the forests with fresh air and all tones of the green. It is also very easy to access to this region, where is so close to Istanbul and where is peaceful and tranquil. There is no reason not to go to Ağva by using your private car or public transportation buses that go to this region once every hour. When you go there, we recommend that you also visit Kilim Bay and Gelin Kayası in Ağva! 


Kandıra is a cute district where is one and half hour away from Istanbul and is surrounded by pine forests. You can get away from the polluted air of Istanbul and have an enjoyable holiday in Kandıra that has plenty of oxygen. Kerpe, Cebeci, Bağırganlı, Kefken and Kumcağız are must-see places in Kandıra. Also, nostalgic fisher boats, excellent fish smells and shadows of pine forests are some of the other factors that invite you there. Let’s go to Kandıra at this weekend instead of cooking fish at home in the evening and waking up to fish smell next morning! 


If you seek more than sea, sand and sun and “don’t like forest walks”, then we can invite you to Kilyos. Those people living in Istanbul do not have fun in downtown Istanbul anymore, but rather they have fun in Kilyos where is a district known for its beach clubs. Summer parties, funny concerts and lots of fun are waiting you in Kilyos. Kilyos is a very ideal place to enjoy a two-day holiday in Istanbul in the summer without making a long travel! When you go there, you should also visit the old and cute houses in the village and Kilyos Castle which was renovated at the time of the Sultan Mahmut II.


Kıyıköy is a cute seaside town where is two hours away from the mess in Istanbul and where is founded on a high hill between Pabuç and Kazan rivers. You can see the ruins from the Byzantium time on the way to Kıyıköy and take a walk on the streets which are filled with nostalgic wooden houses. St. Nicholas Monastery, boat pleasure between Pabuçdere and Kazandere, bays on Selvez-Poliçe-Panayır Pier.. There are lots of things to explore in Kıyıköy! 


We also have suggestions for those who want to get away, rest and leave all problems behind for a couple of days. Get ready for a short getaway without going too much away from the city! Bird songs, gooses running around, a green environment, full of oxygen… Welcome to Sapanca Lake and Maşukiye. Sapanca Lake is a paradise that is only one and half hour away from Istanbul. Maşukiye is another paradise which is a little bit away from Sapanca Lake! Sapanca enables a perfect weekend holiday with Kirazlı Yaylası, Kuzu Yaylası, SPA pleasure at the facilities in the area and relaxing walks by the lake. 


Do you want to make a journey through time at Yenimahalle, Acarlar Longozu (Floodplain Forest) and Taraklı Town where are located in Karasu District of Sakarya? Yenimahalle is located at the point where Sakarya meets the Black Sea and is a very old place with its wooden buildings. Fish restaurants in Yenimahalle, Acarlar Longozu that is also known as the second biggest Floodplain Forest in Turkey, and Taraklı Town, which is worth seeing with its Ottoman ruins, are ready to become the Number One destination for spring holidays. 

Although we, as those who live in Istanbul, love our city, we sometimes need to get away from the city. If you want to explore new places around Istanbul without travelling in a long distance, then we recommend that you consider the above alternatives! Marmara is full of dozens of natural and historical wonders which are ready to be explored.